About the Artist

I was brought up in Monroeville, Pennsylvania in a neighborhood that was surrounded by wooded areas that offer all that an artist could want. Creeks with salamanders, crayfish and small waterfalls swirling into moss-sided pools filled with water bugs darting about. Further down, you could find the many colored layers of clay on the banks ready to be dug out to make clay animals and coiled pots, unfortunately, they soon crumbled once dried. Within the woods, winding paths open to plots of native flowers and spaces cleared out to expose vines to swing on -”monkey vines”.  This was my first classroom and when I need a refresher course, I head outside!

As the seasons turned, I could anticipate which wild flowers grew where, when to expect the first blackberries, and what conditions would bring about an explosion of mushroom to the forest floor – all things that would find their way home with me to be painted or drawn. I earned my BA in Art History with a minor in Music History, which explains the many musicians and their instruments throughout my art.

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