Name Art

This is great fun and always a challenge. I call this ‘Name Art’ when I illustrate around a name. My design is based on information from name, birth date, and a list of activities and or favorite things. Some examples in the Casey Shannon illustration is the snowdrop flower, cypress tree, and great horned owl, all for her birth month of January.

I often find more than one representation or symbol in the wealth of traditions, folklore and myths for a given month. This adds to Name Art uniqueness especially  with the addition of personal attributes as in cup of Chia Tea, Vegan Ice Cream and a Spring Roll. When I finish a name I include a key to the drawing in a slip cover so it can be attached to the back for safe keeping when framed.

This is the key for the above Name Art:

  1. Casey – Irish surname; Vigilant
  2. Shannon – River Shannon;longest river in Ireland
  3. Aquarius – January Zodiac Sign; Water Bearer, Pours the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world
  4. Zodiac Symbol
  5. Element – Air:  Suggested by the swirling steam of the tea
  6. Fixed Quality – The rooted Cypress Tree
  7. Ruling Planet – Uranus
  8. Birth Stone – Garnet
  9. Flower of Month – Snowdrop
  10. Tree of the Month – Cypress tree from Celtic tradition
  11. Bird of the Month – Great Horned Owl from Native American tradition
  12. Chinese Calendar – Year of the Dog: Dutiful Dog; Family dog guarding her vegan ice-cream
  13. Full Moon – January moon is the Wolf Moon;  Native American tradition
  14. Constellation Aquarius : Best seen during the month of October around 9:00 pm.
  15. Animal Totem – Otter: Native American tradition

Here are the personal characteristics illustrated: Chia Tea, Spring Roll, Music, Like No Udder Ice Cream, Animal Rights, Cats and Kittens, Poetry, Martha Vineyard (MV) on metal bracelet.