‘Name Art’ Illustration ~ Colored Pencil on Paper

This is great fun and always a challenge. I call this ‘Name Art’ when I illustrate around a name. My design is based on information from name, birth date, and a list of activities and/or favorite things. Some examples is the Snowdrop; flower of the month,  Cypress Tree; the tree of the month in Celtic tradition and Great Horned Owl; bird of the month all for month of January.

I often find more then one representation or symbol in the wealth of traditions, folklore and myths for a given month. This adds to Name Art uniqueness especially  with the addition of personal attributes as in cup of  Chia Tea, Vegan Ice Cream and a Spring Roll. When I finish a name I include a key to the drawing in a slip cover so it can be attached to the back for safe keeping when framed.

Commissions Welcome

  1. Casey – Irish surname; Vigilant
  2. Shannon – River Shannon;longest river in Ireland
  3. Aquarius – January Zodiac Sign; Water Bearer, Pours the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world
  4. Zodiac Symbol
  5. Element – Air:  Suggested by the swirling steam of the tea
  6. Fixed Quality – The rooted Cypress Tree
  7. Ruling Planet – Uranus
  8. Birth Stone – Garnet
  9. Flower of Month – Snowdrop
  10. Tree of the Month – Cypress tree from Celtic tradition
  11. Bird of the Month – Great Horned Owl from Native American tradition
  12. Chinese Calendar – Year of the Dog: Dutiful Dog; Family dog guarding her vegan ice-cream
  13. Full Moon – January moon is the Wolf Moon;  Native American tradition
  14. Constellation Aquarius : Best seen during the month of October around 9:00 pm.
  15. Animal Totem – Otter: Native American tradition

These are the personal characteristics : Chia Tea, Spring Roll, Music, Like No Udder Ice Cream, Animal Rights, Cats and Kittens, Poetry, Martha Vineyard on metal bracelet.

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